Invited speakers.

Jose A Galvis E

José Augusto Galvis E.

Superconductivity and Tunnel Effect Microscopy: A Look at the Quantum World

Postdoctoral Associate, National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, Florida State University. Tallahassee, United State. Ph.D in Physics “Cum Laude”- Condensed Matter Physics and Nanotechnology – Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain. Master on Science – Physics – Universidad de los Andes, Colombia. Associate Professor at the Universidad Central.

Rafael Villaurrutia Rafael Villaurrutia.

“New techniques of characterization of Nanomaterials”

TFS specialist. UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW, Glasgow, UK Doctorate in Solid State Physics. UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL AUTONOMA DE MEXICO (UNAM) Master in Materials Science. UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL AUTONOMA DE MEXICO (UNAM) Degree in Physics. 14 years of experience in Transmission Electron Microscopy using. Tecnai 20, F20, F30, Talos and Titan microscopes. 12 years of experience in ferroelectric ceramics.

Research Interests:
• Transmission Electron Microscopy, HRTEM, Ab. Corr. HRTEM, Ab. Corr.HRSTEM,             CBED, Electron Precession.
• Perovskite ceramics, immeasurable modulations, domain boundaries.
• Ferroelectric-Antiferroelectric Switch in nanomaterials. • Residual interfaces and efforts.

Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Sheffield, studying ferroelectric ceramics by electron diffraction.

Abel_Hurtado_Macías Abel Hurtado Macías.

“Piezoelectric, Ferroelastic and mechanical behavior in ferroelectric materials evaluated by PFM and Nanoindentation.”

PhD in Materials Science Degree in 2008 from Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic Institute, Querétaro-México. Research stay at the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH), Germany. Sabbatical stay at the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA) in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Dr. Abel Hurtado-Macías is currently Principal Investigator “C” in the Research Center for Advanced Materials S.C (CIMAV)

Juan Camilo Munera O.

“Extraction of Mechanical Properties at Nanometric Levels Using an Atomic Force Microscope”


Kaeri Arellana V.

” Advances in Nanoscale Microscopy from AFM ” – Park Systems

I.P.N. – E.S.I.Q.I.E.
Manage dealers to increase presence in all the LATAM region, starting from zero, coaching, develop new projects, and strategical planification in marketing and sales.
Responsible for all LATAM (Mexico to Argentina). training to the sales force of the distributors. Control sales structure of the distributors and sales, making the necessary changes.
Manage and annual budget for the region. Direct report to the HQ of Americas in CA
Sales and corporate presentation, to customers in research centers, seminars and congress.

Rached Jaafar.

“AFM applications in materials research and life sciences”

Ph. D. thesis, University of Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse, France.
Master II in condensed matter, University Louis Pasteur Strasbourg, France.
Master I: condensed matter, Faculty of Sciences, Lebanon.
Regional Manager at Nanosurf AG, Liestal, Switzerland

João Lucas Rangel.

“Challenges Results on micro-spectroscopy using SMS –Standard Microscope Spectroscopy and on Correlated Tip-Enhanced Optical Spectroscopy”

Comprehensive experience in Raman and Infrared spectroscopy application for biology and chemistry. Knowledge in optical spectroscopy instrumentation, applied in organic and inorganic materials characterization, biological, chemical solutions, SERS analysis, cancer diagnosis, skin penetration study, carbon nanotubes, complex binders, nanoparticles synthesis, upconversion nanoparticles, ex vivo and in vivo studies.

Henry León Gailndo.

“Professional Ethics in the Exercise of Engineering”

Lawyer Universidad nacional de Colombia

Master in Legal Regulation of Telecommunications. Universidad externado de Colombia

Specialist in Administrative Law Universidad del Rosario

Specialist in Regulation of Electricity and Gas. Universidad externado de Colombia

Diploma in University Teaching in Research. UPTC

Legal adviser. Colombian Association of Engineers ACIEM. Since 2010

Counsel. National Professional Council of Electrical, Mechanical and Related Professions since 2009

Telecommunications Regulation Teacher in the Specialization in Design and Security of Telematic Networks. Forest University

Angela Viviana QuirogaMaría Camila Fonseca

Angela Viviana Quiroga & María Camila Fonseca.

“Scientific Instrumentation for Characterization of Materials. (Thermal, Dimensional Analysis, Rheology and Dynamic Mechanical Analysis”

Angela Viviana Quiroga V.
Master in Engineering – Materials and Processes.
Universida Nacional de Colombia
Undergraduate in Chemical Engineering.
Process, Solutions and Equipment. S.A.S.
Support and Applications Engineer

María Camila Fonseca O.
Institute of Environmental Studies IDEA – National University of Colombia. Bogotá, Colombia. Course: Environmental and Economic Impact Assessment.
Faculty of Engineering. National University of Colombia, Bogotá, Colombia. Degree: Dipl. Ing in Chemical Engineering.
Department of Civil, Construction and Environmental Engineering, Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II. Naples, Italy. Laurea Magistrale Ingegneria per L’ambiente e il territorio. Academic Exchange.
LANZETTA RENGIFO Y CIA SAS. Commercial area, product line manager TA INSTRUMENTS and Environmental Express. Technology for materials science and environmental laboratories: thermal analysis, rheology, microcalorimetry, rubber testing and water analysis.

Leopoldo Moreno Enriquez

Leopoldo Moreno Enriquez,

“Technological Advances in Electronic Microscopy”

Chemical Engineering- UNAM
General Manager at JEOL DE MEXICO

Henry A. Colorado,

“Global challenges in materials engineering for universities and new engineers: summary of the first global forum”

Henry Colorado is currently President of the Colombian Society of Materials, Professor of the Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad Antioquia, and director of the CCComposites group. He is an active member of The Materials and Minerals Society and of the American Ceramics Society, in which he has received several awards that include better work and distinguished as a Global Ambassador for Acers. Henry works in solid waste utilization, 3D printing, and in the development of composite materials. It also currently promotes the line of materials in art.

Hernán Olaya Dávila,

“Application of nuclear science and technology in the Colombian state”

Physicist, Master in Physical Sciences and PhD in Physics from the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, he is a member of the research group of Applied Nuclear Physics and Simulation of the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia(UPTC), classified in category A1 of Colciencias and Group of Nuclear Affairs of the Colombian Geological Service, category C of Colciencias. Author of more than 15 scientific articles on simulation of ionizing radiation, radiation quality and physical dosimetry of ionizing radiation with more than 15 courses in nuclear physics and radiation protection. Director of 10 undergraduate and master’s degrees at UPTC.
He is currently the technical director of nuclear affairs who is responsible for conducting nuclear and radioactive research and applications, characterization of geological materials, irradiation of materials, safe processing of radioactive waste and metrology of ionizing radiation, through the application of nuclear technologies in order to contribute to the geological knowledge and users of radioactive material and nuclear technology, investigate or apply nuclear technologies for peaceful purposes and ensure control over the safe use and disposal of nuclear and radioactive materials in the country and ensure the safe management of radioactive material in the country. country through inspection, surveillance, control and licensing of operations with radioactive material in the national territory, minimizing risks to the population and the environment.

Dr. Miguel Angel Blanco,

“Field Emission Electron Microscopy with Ultra-High Resolution at Low kV, importance, advances and applications.”

Hitachi high Technologies