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Each author chooses the journal to publish his work (see below); which will be sent to peer evaluation. The paper should be sent to the mail:, indicating to which Journal it is being sent.


cover_issue_660_es_ESThe Revista UIS Ingenierías (RUI) is a publication peer-reviewed, published quarterly, edited by the Faculty of Physicomechanical Engineering of the Universidad Industrial de Santander. This journal provides immediate free access to its content under the principle that making research available to the public free of charge supports a greater exchange of global knowledge.

Authors interested in submitting their works will find instructions for the preparation of the article on their  Website.







RFI-UPTCRevista Facultad de Ingeniería, created in 1986, is a scientific Open-Access international journal published by the Universidad Pedagógica y Tecnológica de Colombia (UPTC). The journal aims at contributing to the spread of scientific research by publishing peer-reviewed research and innovation articles that represent original contributions in the field of Engineering. The journal publishes papers in the following areas related to Engineering: Environmental, Electronic, Metallurgic and Computational, among others. Publishing in this journal has no associated costs (APC) given that it is funded by the UPTC. The Journal has a quarterly periodicity; the dates of publication are in the middle of the months of: January, April, July and October of each year. Articles are received to be published throughout the year. Website.





Respuestas, Responses Journal of Engineering Sciences, is a biannual journal with peer review process, edited by Francisco de Paula Santander University Cúcuta – Ocaña; that publishes original articles, of reflection and of revision around the diverse advances in the field of the Engineering and Technology. The Journal publishes articles in the following areas: Materials Science and Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Energy and Processes, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering, Computer Science, Industrial and Organization Engineering, Biotechnology and Agroindustrial Engineering, Other engineering disciplines. Website.






rev_col_matRevista Colombiana de MaterialesThe Colombian Journal of Materials provides free access to its content in order to contribute to a greater exchange of global knowledge. Instructions to authors.









ionThe ION Journal is oriented to the publication of results of scientific and technological research activities in the fields of Chemical Engineering and related fields. This magazine is freely accessible and free and the publication of articles has no cost to the authors. All items since 2017 have a DOI identification number.Publication of biannual periodicity, edited by the School of Chemical Engineering of the UIS and admitted by Publindex / Colciencias in category C. Website.